Manage your high volume criminal record checks.

Paperless experience for you and your candidates.

$13 per check.

If you do high volumes (200 per year or more) of criminal record checks, you'll know what an arduous process it is for you and your candidates.

But to keep costs down, having a contractual relationship with the Ministry of Justice is the only way to go.

With the CheckPlease member plan, you can have the best of both worlds - super cheap checks and an automated, paperless process for you and your candidates.

Being in a volume driven recruitment – CheckPlease has made a huge difference in our process, making it so much quicker and easier for both us and our applicants. Our paperwork is now all online, tidy and secure, I could go on and on.

—Owais Ahmed | Recruitment Lead | Harvey Norman

Manage high volumes of criminal record checks
A single team member can effortlessly manage hundreds of criminal record checks a month with CheckPlease. To get started:
  1. Email the Ministry of Justice at to request to become a member of the CCH priority service (minimum 200 checks a year).
  2. Upload your MoJ pdf file to your CheckPlease account as a dynamic template.
That's it! Your criminal record process is now paperless for you and your candidates.
  • With everything else automated, there's only 60 seconds or so per check for you to do.
  • Each time a candidate completes, CheckPlease emails you a link to the ID wizard.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and zoom and pan around the candidate's ID documents to verify expiry, name and signature details.
  • Effortlessly bounce checks back to the individual for error correction (e.g. unsigned passport).

CheckPlease has been a lifesaver when it comes to time spent on admin! No more scanning in forms and IDs and no more checks getting rejected for not being able to read handwriting. It is easy to use and great to be able to track where the process is at – highly recommend!

—Halo Consulting


Frequently Asked Questions
  • $15 per check? How does the pricing work?
    The NZ Ministry of Justice charges you based on the priority you choose, for example $20 for a 3 working day check. Add our fee of $15 per check (with volume discounts available).
    Priority Turnaround MoJ fee CheckPlease fee Total cost to you
    Gold 3 working days $20 $15 $35
    Silver 10 working days $14 $15 $29
    Bronze 15 working days $8.50 $15 $23.50

  • What security advantages does the member plan provide?
    With the member plan, you bring identity verification in-house. If it's critical to you to know that your candidate is who they say they are, you may want to take over the identity verification process for security reasons. At 60 seconds per check or so, CheckPlease lets you achieve this without adding any significant admin burden.
  • What about candidate privacy?
    Protecting your candidate's data has always been the responsible course. New privacy legislation in New Zealand makes it even more critical.

    If you're currently doing your criminal record checks manually, chances are you're holding highly sensitive candidate data such as driver licence or passport images in less than ideal places, such as email, shared drives or even in paper form.

    By handling your criminal record checks online with CheckPlease, all of this critical information is stored in one place, and protected by industry-standard security.
  • Do you offer volume discounts?
    Yes. Contact us at or call us and tell us about your business needs.
  • We really want to use this, but we don't quite do 200 checks per year.
    If you're an employer, you might want to consider regular re-checks of your team. After all, if it was worth checking when they joined, it may also be worth learning if anything significant has happened since then.

    Many organisations re-check every 3 years. At only $23.50 per check, having a paperless process for you and your employee is low effort and reduces business risk for you. Re-checks may put you over the 200 limit.

    If you're an agency, you might want to consider checking more candidates, earlier in the process. This might let you be more responsive to your clients.

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