Paperless MoJ checks. Fast. From anywhere.

If you're a member of the Ministry of Justice CCH priority service, automate your Criminal Record checks:
1. Upload your MoJ form
Upload the pdf file that MoJ gave you when you joined the CCH service. CheckBot will use it as a template to generate requests.
2. Order checks online
Now you can start ordering checks online. CheckBot merges data and online signatures into your MoJ form, and automates all communication with the MoJ.
Flat fee of $15 per check. No setup costs. Volume discounts available.

* Our business prices exclude GST.

    How it worksinfo

Simplify and streamline your Criminal Record checks with the CheckPlease realtime dashboard.

  • See the status and results of all of your checks on a single dashboard
  • See actual processing times, and make more cost-effective priority choices
  • Automatically share results and status updates with your own client
  • Alerts for checks that are due for verification (self service only)
  • Order new checks in seconds
Automated client communications

Keep your own clients or hiring managers automatically and instantly updated.

  • Update your clients automatically on check status changes, delays and results
  • Automatically accept orders from clients by email (coming soon)
100% online ID verification wizard

Verify ID documents quickly, easily and from anywhere with the CheckPlease mobile-friendly verification wizard (self service only).

  • Be alerted as soon as individuals are ready for verification
  • Zoom and pan around ID documents to view expiry, name and signature details
  • Effortlessly bounce checks back to the individual for error correction (e.g. missing or obscured pages, wrong ID type)
  • Inbuilt OCR for automated fraud detection (coming soon)

Gain visibility into every step of the process.

  • All interactions between client, individual, verifier and MoJ are recorded
  • Timestamped
  • Retained for the period required by Ministry of Justice