If you use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or recruitment platform and you consume a lot of NZ Criminal Record checks, or you're an HR technology supplier, CheckPlease has technology solutions to help you manage your checks efficiently and seamlessly.

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SnapHire integration through Talent App Store

With the CheckPlease app for Talent App Store, you can order, track and see results for your Criminal Record checks directly from within SnapHire.

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White label

If you're a technology supplier, you can white label CheckPlease to add NZ Criminal Record checking to your own product.

Your customers get all of the benefits of a state of the art platform specifically for NZ Criminal Record checks, presented under your own brand.

Your customers can use either our Business service, which provides full service NZ Criminal Record checks, or our MoJ member service for high volume users, where the customer continues to use their own direct relationship with the Ministry of Justice and realise the lowest possible prices for their checks.

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CheckPlease features a simple and secure RESTful API for:

  • Ordering NZ Criminal Record checks
  • Tracking their status
  • Seeing results

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