Get someone else's criminal record from the NZ Ministry of Justice.

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It’s so much faster, and so much easier both from my side and the candidate side. Honestly, I don’t think we could be happier with it ….


We do all the work
Whether you're ordering just one check or thousands, CheckPlease is the easiest, fastest way to get someone else's criminal record.
  • To order a check, all you need is the person's first and last name and email address. We do the rest.
  • You don't need to handle any forms or ID documents. We'll contact the person and get their consent and their details directly.
  • We'll verify the person's ID, prepare the request and send it to the Ministry of Justice.
  • If there are problems, we'll sort it out directly with the person or the Ministry of Justice.
  • As soon as your result is ready, we'll send it to you via email. It will also appear in your dashboard.

Looking back I can’t imagine how we functioned without CheckPlease. It used to be such a admin heavy archaic process for both our teams and the candidate. All the hard work has now been taken away and we have a much quicker and nicer experience for everyone.

—Victoria Dunkin | Recruitment Manager | AA Insurance

See everything in one place
  • Simplify and streamline your criminal record checks with the CheckPlease realtime dashboard
  • Order new checks in seconds
  • See the status and results of all of your checks in a single place
  • See estimated delivery dates and make more cost-effective priority choices

We have developed a great partnership with Check Please and have really found value in the platform. Our candidate experience has been improved and it has made our consultants life that bit easier. The team are always great to deal with – informative, responsive and go above and beyond for their customers.

—Elizabeth Taylor | Team leader | Randstad New Zealand

Absolute transparency
  • We do all the work. You have full visibility into every step of the process.
  • All interactions between us and you, the person, and the Ministry of Justice are tracked and timestamped.

We are loving it! It’s great. Makes our lives much easier!


Enterprise features
For larger teams and companies with more complex workflows, rest assured that CheckPlease has the right features in place for security, administration, and efficiency.
  • Security: Before everything else comes security. Check out our security and technology policies to see just how seriously we take the security of you and your candidate's data.
  • SSO (Single Sign On): CheckPlease includes SSO support (SAML 2). You can use your own corporate identity system to secure access to your CheckPlease account.
  • Tiered user access: CheckPlease delivers multiple levels of user access, allowing each of your team members to see just the checks that are relevant to them and no more.
  • Branding: Your candidates can experience your employment brand throughout the candidate experience.

CheckPlease assists PBT to provide our candidates with a simple, efficient and professional process. CheckPlease is also very simple for businesses to use – the system allows you to audit and monitor the progress of any security check ordered. We highly recommend this service.

—Briar Naera | Human Resource Manager | PBT Express Freight Network


Frequently Asked Questions
  • I just need to check on one or two people, is this right for me?
    Yes. Although some of our customers order hundreds or thousands of checks, CheckPlease works just as well if you only need a single check.

    Just click Start, create an account and then enter the name and email address of the person you want the check on. We'll do the rest, and when the result is back from the Ministry of Justice we'll send it to you.
  • How are criminal record checks carried out?
    All criminal record checks, no matter who you order them from, are carried out by the Ministry of Justice.

    Companies like CheckPlease that order a high volume of checks can have a contractual relationship with the MoJ with a faster 3, 10 or 15 working day turnaround. We also have a dedicated account manager at MoJ who can resolve issues quickly. In return we pay fees to MoJ and incur legal responsibilities including identity verification and record retention. Access to MoJ's online service means that we can offer you a paperless online service with fast turnaround.

    Our web site shows you a calculation of when you can expect your result, based on the priority you select.
  • Can I be invoiced instead of paying with credit card?
    Yes. If you expect to order checks at least every month or so, you can contact to apply for a credit account with us. We will then invoice you monthly for your checks, for payment within the next month. A fee may be incurred for a credit check on your company for us to process your application.
  • Do you offer volume discounts?
    Yes. Contact us at or call us and tell us about your business needs.
  • What is the most cost effective way to order high volumes of checks?
    If you have high volumes of checks, then you may benefit from joining the MoJ CCH priority service.

    This allows you to submit requests online and pay a fee directly to MoJ of $20, $14 or $8.50 for 3, 10 or 15 day turnaround.

    See our Member plan for more details.
  • What are the advantages of CheckPlease over other suppliers?
    • A modern paperless mobile-friendly experience for the individual. Candidates today don't expect to have to print and fill out forms by hand - many don't own a scanner or printer. We continuously fine tune the candidate experience, reducing the average time to completion down to just a few minutes.
    • A branded experience for individual - present your employment or corporate brand.
    • Low prices, and the only supplier to provide a money back guarantee if your results arrive late.
    • We're NZ-based and NZ-owned, and responsive to your needs.
  • Can anyone provide criminal record checks faster than CheckPlease?
    No. The MoJ always performs the actual check, and they provide the same service level to all suppliers of criminal record checks.

    At CheckPlease, we ensure the fastest possible response times by having a dedicated NZ-based team that processes requests during NZ business hours, evenings and weekends, and with our fully automated platform to smooth the process of performing checks.
  • Can we access the candidate's ID?
    It's your choice. Use your settings page to turn ID visibility on or off, whichever provides the best security for you.

    ID visibility: ON
    Security benefit: You can have a process to check that the person who turns up at the job is the same person you background checked.

    ID visibility: OFF
    Security benefit: You can ensure that no-one in your team can commit identity theft on the candidate.
  • Can we access the candidate's criminal record?
    Of course. Many people have criminal records, but most of them are for minor or historical convictions that may not be show stoppers for you - it all depends, and it's hard to set hard and fast rules.
  • Can I order criminal record checks directly from my recruitment system?
    Yes, we provide an easy to use API that your developers can use to integrate at the software level from your own systems.

    We also have several pre-built integrations for popular recruitment platforms. Contact us at to learn more.

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