The Member plan is for high volume users who are members of the Ministry of Justice CCH priority service (any eligible organisation can join).

Looking for something simpler?
If you only require a few checks, or you want a full service solution, then take a look at our Business plan instead.

How the Member plan works

1. Create an account
Sign in using email/password, LinkedIn, Google, etc. and create an account.
2. Upload request pdf
Upload the pdf file that MoJ gave you when you joined the CCH service. CheckBot will use it as a template to generate requests.
3. Order your check
Order your check by providing first and last name, email and priority.
4. Individual uploads data
CheckBot emails the individual and they upload their data and ID documents using the mobile-friendly form and sign online.
5. Verify ID
Use the ID wizard to verify identity. Typically less than 30 seconds, completed on your computer or mobile device.
6. Send request to MoJ
CheckBot generates the request by merging user data and online signatures into the MoJ-supplied pdf template, and sends it to the MoJ.
7. See results in dashboard
CheckBot listens for results back from MoJ and updates the dashboard in real time.

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Want to dive into more detail first? Read the User guideinfo