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A modern, paperless candidate experience

Performing NZ Criminal Record checks can be the most painful part of the recruitment process. It's a time consuming and paper-based business, involving lots of printing, emailing and scanning of documents and sensitive personal data.

And when things go wrong, or take too long, you can be exposed to serious business risk.

CheckPlease entirely automates the Criminal Record check process, with a modern, online user experience that candidates and users can complete on their phone, tablet or computer in just minutes.

For high volume users, CheckPlease goes even further with our Member plan, allowing you to order checks directly from the Ministry of Justice with less than 60 seconds effort per check. Minimise costs and maximise your control and candidate experience with CheckPlease.

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CheckPlease is integrated with SnapHire. We're offering two free trial options - either 3 free checks or a months free usage - to see if CheckPlease is right for you. Just leave your email to get started.

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