The Business plan is the easiest, fastest way to order full service Criminal Record checks from the Ministry of Justice for your business.

Looking for something more powerful?
If you order hundreds or thousands of checks a year, then take a look at our Member plan instead. You'll handle identity verification, but we've automated it down to less than 60 seconds per check, and the savings are significant.

How the Business plan works

1. Create an account
Sign in using email/password, LinkedIn, Google, etc. and create an account.
2. Order your check
Order your check by providing first and last name, email and priority.
3. Individual uploads data
CheckBot emails the individual and they upload their data and ID documents using the mobile-friendly form and sign online.
4. Verify ID
CheckPlease verifies the individual's identity, usually within a few minutes, and sends the request to the MoJ.
5. See results in dashboard
CheckBot listens for results back from MoJ and updates the dashboard in real time.

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